My 21 project

So I recently discovered a new blogger on WordPress who started her blog in order to take control of her life this year. I can tell she’s been through a lot and her story is really inspiring to me. 

Alex decided that she would set 35 goals for herself this year since she is or will be turning 35 years old. Here is the link to her amazing project. Check it out, her blog is amazing.

I decided that I would give it a try and set myself 21 goals to reach this year in order to stay inspired and be the best version of myself 🙂

So here are my first 5 projects/goals:

1. Practice yoga at least 3 times a week (and set up a good routine for it).
My goal is not to lose or gain any weight, I just want to be fit and more flexible. And I know that when I practice yoga I feel so much better and zen. I’ll go to a yoga class every monday morning (during this semester) with one of my friend, and make sure I do it by myself at least 2 other times. It’ll help me have more energy at school, work and to be ready for my surf trip this summer 🙂

2. Bungee jump during my trip to Costa Rica.
Everyone close to me knows how much I like extreme sports and adventures. To me, bungee is definitely the craziest thing I can see myself do. And I love to think about that, because that means that I am in total control of what I can or can’t do. If I can bungee jump, I can do anything.

3. Learn to be an organized student at school.
And here, if you have any tips for me I would love to here them. I had good grades during my first year at university, but I feel I had to study so much more than everyone else to get there. I was really depressed. I’ll be starting school again in 2 days, so I want to make sure I study very efficiently.

4. Become a morning person.
I loooove to sleep. But I’m sure I could use these hours to do so much more. So I’m thinking that I would benefit a lot by waking up at 7:30am during the week and 9:30am on the weekends. I’m still giving myself the permission to get up later than this if I have any special occasions tho! 😉

5. Get help from an investment advisor.

I’m really lucky because I don’t have problems with money (living in Quebec has its advantages..). I just turned 21, but I know that sooner than I think I’ll have to have a certain amount of money accumulated to start “the real life”. So I should start accumulating a bit of money to be able to chase my dreams 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post !! 🙂 And hope I inspired some of you to take control of your life too.

Again, feel free to visit Alex’s blog, I’m sure she would appreciate 🙂

I would love to know the projects you’re setting for yourself this year; what are they?? 🙂


Chloé xxx

11 thoughts on “My 21 project

  1. Alex - Project Lady says:

    Yay! I’ve just read it! So happy so happy!
    About being an organized student, I would love to help. For me, I was very unorganized but had a very high GPA 3.7/4.0 and graduated with double major + a minor. I made the school organize me.
    There are some tips:
    – Attend to all classes, never miss the classes. This organizes you a lot.
    – Participate in class, ask as many questions as you can. When listening, try to think like the instructor. If you were the instructor, what would you ask in the exam? And, ask that question in class 🙂 Therefore, you don’t need to study for any exam. I did not 🙂
    – Talk to your advisor at least once a week, Make him/her informed and make him/her organize you.
    – attend to office hours, learn everything that matters to the instructor.
    – If you are not good at note-taking, take them from a friend who is good at it. People help each other.
    – Always do your best in assignments. Never miss one. Ask for help from the instructor by attending office hours.

    Actually, I did all of these + worked part-time in college + won several scholarships.

    The key is,
    1. attend classes and be present
    2. be close to instructors
    3. think like the instructors.

    Those will also help in business life as
    1. Do not miss meetings, be there, participate
    2. get to know your managers
    3. think like the customer

    If you can manage this, it will give you lots of spare time that you can use for part-time jobs, hobbies or just for fun 🙂



  2. Diana Georgia Marcos says:

    I love this! I wasn’t a morning person until I started working out. I don’t have much time for it in the evening so I make sure I get up early to go to the gym. It is really worth it. It also helps you become more organized. Hope everything is going well with you! ❤

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